Letizia Cariello was born in Copparo, Italy, in a family originally from Naples and devoted to sculpture for over two hundred years. She graduated in History of Art at the University of Milan under the supervision of Pierluigi De Vecchi and, after having worked for the cinema in Italy and the United States, she graduated in Painting at the Academy of Brera under the guidance of Pietro Plescan. She lives and works in Milano, where she currently teaches Anatomical Design at the Academy of Brera. Her life and work is committed to see the passage between inner space and outer space through a continuous repairing task.

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Her will to intercept the material consistency of time is realized in the search and collection of its traces, and in making them visible, for example in the writing of calendars (sequences of numbers and letters) and in red-wire-ties of objects, matter and spaces. With this process of identification and re-sewing (both in the macro and in the micro) Letizia Cariello reconstructs connections and relationships (red thread) otherwise lost. From trees to teapots, from cups to photographs, her sign crosses the everyday things to materialize time in a perceptible form.

Works by Letizia Cariello have been exhibited on important national and international occasions in exhibitions and museums and are part of numerous public and private collections in Italy and abroad, including: National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC; Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC; Tony and Heather Podesta’s collection, Washington DC; Collezione Farnesina – Experimenta, Ministero degli Esteri, Roma; Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici e Demoetnoantropologici della Provincia di Salerno, Certosa di San Lorenzo, Padula; Museion/ Ar-Ge Kunst, Bolzano; Rocca di Montestaffoli, San Giminiano; collection Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino; collection Rosa and Gilberto Sandretto Milano; collection Piero Gandini Brescia; collection Etro Venezia; collection Gregorio and Francesca Gitti Milano; Chesa Colani, Madulain CH; collection Artrust Lugano; collection Borromeo Milano; Cascina Maria Nicoletta Rusconi Agrate Conturbia; Hangar 2173 Skyway Monte Bianco and many others. Among the most recent personal exhibitions in institutions: Cascina Maria, Agrate Conturbia (2018), Palazzo Borromeo, Milan (2018, 2016), LAC, Lugano (2016), Centro Luigi Pecci, Prato (2003), Palazzo delle Papesse, Centro Arte Contemporanea, Siena (2001).

During the Barroso Presidency, in 2014 Letizia Cariello was selected by the EU to participate together with fourteen other European artists, intellectuals and scientists in the project “A New Narrative for Europe”; in 2018 she received the BNL Group BNP Paribas prize, on the occasion of the international art fair dedicated to photography and moving images Mia Photo Fair, Milan; in 2019 she is among the speakers of TEDx Busto Arsizio.


Via De Alessandri, 9
20144 Milan, Italy
T/F:+39 02 4815608