Bologna’s Studio G7 Gallery also represents Letizia Cariello

Studio G7 Gallery in Bologna is also representing Letizia Cariello! On the website you can find a page dedicated to the artist with a selection of his works.

Studio G7 Gallery was founded by Ginevra Grigolo in 1973. Opening the exhibition season are Michelangelo Pistoletto’s mirrored steels.

The 1970s saw a series of exhibitions on American and British Pop Art (Warhol, Rauschenberg, Dine, Lichtenstein, Rosenquist, Jones, Johns, Kitay, Tilson, Nauman, Serra), alternating with an intense interest in Conceptual Art, Photography, Performance and Narrative Art (Mac Adams, Collins, Patella, Altamira, Borsari, Tobas, Abramović and Ulay, Joe Jones).

During the 1980s, alongside a constant interest in new trends, the gallery gave ample space to internationally renowned foreign artists including Anne et Patrick Poirier, Bill Beckley and Sol LeWitt, who in 1986 created an evocative and enveloping atmosphere with the wall drawing Arcs from four sides on four walls.

During the nineties other foreign names made their entrance in Bologna, while constant participation in some of the most important international fairs allowed Galleria Studio G7 to gain notoriety abroad and to expand its knowledge beyond national borders.

Since the beginning of its activity, Studio G7 has paid particular attention to sculptural practice, acknowledging it as a central role in the contemporary art scene.

In the new millennium, the activity continues with a particular interest in the latest trends, consolidating the collaborations with the artists met in previous years, and proposing new research.

From August 2019, the activity continues under the direction of Giulia Biafore.