Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini, MILANO

LETIA (Letizia Cariello)

20.2.2024 - 11.05.2024

From Feb. 20 to May 11, 2024, the Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini in Milan will welcome the Lamentation over the Dead Christ by Giovanni Bellini (Venice, c. 1435 – 1516), one of the pinnacles of the Venetian master, which is housed in the Vatican Museums.

The exhibition is completed with a section titled In Front of Bellini. Four Contemporary Artists in Dialogue with a Masterpiece, which presents the works of four contemporary artists who have confronted Bellini’s masterpiece, reflecting on the themes suggested by the work, to testify how much the Venetian master’s panel is able to touch artists of our time to the heart: LETIA (Letizia Cariello) with Per te Myriam di Migdel, an installation dedicated to the figure of Mary Magdalene; Emma Ciceri, in the very delicate video, rereads in personal terms the central motif of Bellini’s Lamentation; Andrea Mastrovito with the large frottage War Christ offers a dramatic actualization of Bellini’s theme; Francesco De Grandi reinterprets with a large canvas the iconography of the in contemporary terms.

Showroom Gaggenau DesignElementi Hub, MILANO

LETIA (Letizia Cariello), Alighiero Boetti, Sheila Hicks, Ibrahim Mahama, Raul de Nieves, Herta Ottolenghi Wedekind, Wladimir Zaleski

9.11.2023 - 2.02.2024

Opening Nov. 9, 2023, “Vibrations,” a solo exhibition by LETIA (Letizia Cariello) and the fourth installment of the “Scripta?” art cycle, which sees the Gaggenau DesignElementi Hub showroom in Milan transformed into a theater of connections animated by mystical and transcendent works.

Love as an act of subversion, inner shaking, tension toward the other, and never as contemplative stasis. This is the starting and ending point of the “Vibrations” exhibition.

The concept of movement is configured in this path-as well as in the artist’s entire production, even in the most monumental installations-as an inescapable element. It is no coincidence that the most recurring form in the works is the circular form: everything flows and transforms, without limits or predetermined directions.
In this universe of infinite possibilities, the artist reconstructs connections and relationships otherwise lost. Her sign collects and assembles traces of life, traverses everyday objects recognizing every feeling, even suffering, as an experiential value and existential passage from which to learn.

Cinema-Teatro Angelicum, MILANO

LETIA (Letizia Cariello), Alighiero Boetti, Sheila Hicks, Ibrahim Mahama, Raul de Nieves, Herta Ottolenghi Wedekind, Wladimir Zaleski

27.10.2023 - 27.11.2023

Echelle means both ladder and level; the artist chose this term because it evokes an ascent that corresponds to an energetic transformation.The exhibition project proposes a series of works that recall the theme of energy, with a strong connotation to sharing and transformation.
The solo exhibition curated by Olga Gambari is proposed with a symbolic value of dialogue, contact and message related to the concept of care and sharing: a journey to be made together both as a community and as individuals, a journey that takes on the value of elevation. (foto Andrea Rossetti)

Ex stabilimento GEA, MILANO

LETIA (Letizia Cariello), Eugenio Alberti Schatz, Stefano Arienti, Alessia Bernardini, Alighiero Boetti, Vincenzo Cabiati, Pierluigi Calignano, Chiara Camoni, Guido Canziani, Beppe Caturegli, Loris Cecchini, Chung Eun-Mo, Flavio De Marco, Marta Dell’Angelo, Mario Della Vedova, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Richard Gorman, Pino Guidolotti, Giovanni Hänninen, Bijoy Jain, Eithne Jordan, Massimo Kaufmann, Ragnar Kjartansson, Francesco Lauretta, Pino Lia, Claudia Losi, Daniele Maffeis, Coralla Maiuri, Chaki Maki, Antoni Malinowski, Marcello Maloberti, Fabio Mantovan, Amedeo Martegani, Marisa Morelli & Max Rommel, Margherita Morgantin, Elena Nemkova, Fabio Paleari, Marco Palmieri, Luca Pancrazzi, Daniele Papuli, Federico Pepe, Federica Perazzoli, Lucia Pescador, Gabriele Picco, Federico Pietrella, Lisa Ponti, Luigi Presicce, Adele Prosdocimi, Luca Quartana, Augustin Rebetez, Remo Salvadori, Cesare Serratto, George Sowden, Alessandra Spranzi, Nicola Troilo, Peter Wüthrich, Takato Yamamoto, Kim Yong II, Marcella Vanzo, Velasco Vitali, Luca Vitone

An impromptu accrochage of over one hundred works telling the story of Assab One’s first two decades.

Castello di Brescia, BRESCIA

LETIA (Letizia Cariello), Alighiero Boetti, Sheila Hicks, Ibrahim Mahama, Raul de Nieves, Herta Ottolenghi Wedekind, Wladimir Zaleski

1.04.2023 - 5.11.2023

Fondazione Tassara has made part of its priceless collection of carpets, donated by Romain Zaleski, available for the events related to Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023, entrusting LETIA (Letizia Cariello) and Giovanni Valagussa with the curatorship of the exhibition I nodi dei giardini del Paradiso (Knots in the Gardens of Paradise).

The exhibition project brings together a valuable selection of 35 carpets from the Turkestan area, chosen by Giovanni Valagussa from within the extensive corpus of the Zaleski collection, which for the first time are displayed to the public alongside a core of contemporary artworks by international artists, including Alighiero Boetti, Sheila Hicks, Ibrahim Mahama, Raul de Nieves, and Herta Ottolenghi Wedekind, installed on a number of sculptures belonging to the Volumi series by LETIA (Letizia Cariello) and included, together with a multimedia projection on a large sail screen by Wladimir Zaleski, in a unique and unprecedented site-specific installation. A “soft space” made of fabric, threads, taut ropes and carpets ambled and hung like banners or banners made by LETIA (Letizia Cariello).
Pic. © Luca Zanon

VSA - Video Sound Art 2022

Teatro Carcano, MILANO

Letizia Cariello (LETIA), MacGuffin, Mika Rottenberg, Caterina Morigi, Oli Bonzanigo, Daniel De Paula

22.09.2022 - 28.09.2022

The exhibition itinerary of the 12th edition of Video Sound Art winds its way through the spaces of Milan’s historic theater, which, from the basement, to the gallery, opens its doors for seven days to the voices of the contemporary, ranging from video works to publishing.

The theme is the life of things. How do objects speak? How do they function outside their context?
Beginning with the reflections of the artists in the exhibition and in collaboration with the Dutch publishing project MacGuffin, the festival focuses on the unexplored possibilities that each object holds in relation to history, identity and social relations, trying to unravel together political and social conditioning, the invisible qualities of matter.


Letizia Cariello, curated by Annette Hofmann

21.01.2022 - 23.12.2022

Independent space dedicated to experimentation, BUILDINGBOX becomes a space for dialogue with the visitor, who can observe from the transparency the unfolding of an exhibition that expands over time, evoking a different concept of space. The exhibition consists of an uninterrupted succession of site-specific installations at irregular intervals, the result of unpredictable interventions that explore the concreteness of time through the concepts of calendar and νοῦς, the “threshold” between external and “internal” space, materializing a time that is not the traditional counting of minutes but an “unfolding”.

Galleria Nazione di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, ROMA

Monica Bolzoni with Vanessa Beecroft, Letizia Cariello, Fanny&Alexander, Cesare Viel, Claudia Losi

15.12.2021 - 27.02.2022

The exhibition, curated by Anna Di Cesare, takes up the theme documented in the book Bianca e Blu Monica Bolzoni edited by Davide Fornari and Régis Tosetti, and displays the most significant clothes from Monica Bolzoni’s production. The second floor of the exhibition is reserved for collaborations with the world of art and avant-garde theatre, with an exhibition of archive documents, including drawings, photos and videos, together with garments and accessories designed and produced not for sale but for performance by artists such as Vanessa Beecroft (VB17-21, 1995/1996), Letizia Cariello (My Sister is Always With Me, 2003), Fanny&Alexander (Amore,2007; There’s no place like home, 2009; K313, 2007) Cesare Viel (To the Lighthouse, Cesare Viel as Virginia Woolf, 2005) and Claudia Losi (About Proximity, 2016).

Palazzo Metelino, GENOVA

Simone Berti, Alberto Biasi, Tomaso Binga, Henrik Blomqvist, Enzo Cacciola, Pierluigi Calignano, Letizia Cariello, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Maurizio Donzelli, Ulrich Egger, Ettore Favini, Giovanni Gaggia, Goldshmied & Chiari, Riccardo Guarneri, Emilio Isgrò, Ugo La Pietra, Marco Lodola e Giovanna Fra, Claudia Losi, Carolina Mazzolari, Ugo Nespolo, Giovanni Ozzola, Valentina Palazzari, Gioni David Parra, Francesca Pasquali, Gabriele Picco, Pino Pinelli, Fabrizio Plessi, Gianni Politi, Laura Renna, Marta Spagnoli, Vedova Mazzei, Serena Vestrucci, Cesare Viel, Gianfranco Zappettini

02.09.2021 - 30.09.2021

The fil bleu that links the works on display is a personal and dynamic reinterpretation of jeans, sometimes embellished with embroidery, material additions and three-dimensional reworking; in other cases transformed into a pictorial surface, it is unthreaded, knotted, reconstructed, while keeping its ageless charm intact. The declination of jeans creates a conceptual network of different but at the same time closely interconnected ideas within the exhibition.

Filatoio Rosso, CARAGLIO

Letizia Cariello, curated by Olga Gambari

11.06.2021 - 10.10.2021

From June to October 2021, at the Filatoio Rosso in Caraglio Letizia Cariello brings, in a solo exhibition curated by Olga Gambari, a number of works that tell the story of her journey over the last few years, together with site-specific creations, with a declination that is connected to the present time and the specific place of the exhibition, as well as to this moment that shares the experience of a global pandemic, both practical and psychological.

Galleria Studio G7, BOLOGNA

Letizia Cariello

09.04.2021 - 18.06.2021

Studio G7’s exhibition season continues with Fuso Orario, Letizia Cariello’s first solo exhibition in Bologna. With this new project, curated by Leonardo Regano, Cariello explores the subtle boundary between inner and outer space, both understood as characteristic of human nature. The artist investigates what links the physical body and the spiritual body, succeeding in highlighting an occult anatomy of the being that results in perceptive potential, a research inspired by the principles of Spiritual Geometry, by theosophical and neo-Platonic theories.

Galleria Fumagalli, MILANO

Letizia Cariello

27.09.2019 - 18.12.2019

Galleria Fumagalli presents Letizia Cariello’s solo exhibition “Seven Gates” curated by Giorgio Verzotti. Invited to confront Annamaria Maggi’s exhibition spaces, the artist proposes a new site-specific environmental intervention in the main room of the gallery. In this large windowless space, Letizia Cariello has designed seven windows, each in a different style, from Gothic mullioned windows to a simple “modernist” rectangle. Drawn freehand on tracing paper by the artist, the seven windows are transposed from the paper to the wall with nails fixed along the outlines of the drawing. Between one nail and another, Letizia Cariello weaves a red thread, her distinctive feature, creating coloured grids.

The gallery space is studded with openings that remain virtual, the only physical element being the red thread whose weaving alludes to a closure. Or perhaps it attests to a double tension: the desire to close oneself up within an intimacy that in turn becomes a condition for opening up towards an exterior, an otherness. The window is there to testify to this, metaphorically: it is part of an architecture that encloses but necessarily looks out, opening up a continuity of relationship. A border is drawn to be crossed: Letizia Cariello tells us that a grate is not always the metonymic sign of a prison, and quotes St Catherine of Siena: “Make for yourself a chamber of the mind, where you alone can go”. “A protected place from which to observe”, says the artist, ready to be observed.

Showroom Antonini, Palazzo Borromeo, MILANO

Letizia Cariello

31.01.2018 - 03.04.2018

Little brothers and sisters, we’re all a bit like that, always looking for another. Even without brothers; even without sisters; without loved ones: we always look for a double, perhaps a mirror. More likely a different one that tells us who we are. We seek indissoluble unions and flee the certainty of forever. We look for Heaven while something or someone makes our work hard by pulling us down.


Letizia Cariello, Silvia Camporesi, Jakub Woynarowski

20.09.2017 - 18.11.2017

Many of the events that take place over time remain on the threshold of indifference or lack of awareness: environmental changes, minor revolutions, reversals of social stability, interrupted relationships, landscapes altered in their natural and urban order, wandering populations redrawing geographies.
The world moves in spite of us, leaving daily traces of these subtle changes, what the French philosopher François Jullien called silent transformations, following ancient Chinese thought. In the face of major events and their global impact, the world openly produces before us profound transformations that shape the meaning of life, its mysteries, magic and darkness.


Museion Museo d'arte moderna e contemporanea, BOLZANO

Eleanor Antin; Vanessa Beecroft; Günther Brus; Letizia Cariello; Marcel Duchamp; Valie Export; Michael Fliri; Isa Genzken; Gilbert & George; Nan Goldin; Douglos Gordon; Roni Horn; Joan Jonas, Elke Krystufek; Ketty La Rocca; Zoe Leonard; Ana Lupas; Santu Mofokeng; Zanele Muholi; Brigitte Niedermair; Luca Patella; Arnulf Rainer; Lili Reynaud Dewar; Niki de Saint Phalle, Jana Sterbak, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nico Vascellari, Francesco Vezzoli

25.11.2016 - 17.09.2017

The exhibition offers a journey through the photographic works in the Museion Collection. Portraits and self-portraits, images of one’s own body and that of others investigate the concepts of identity and otherness, body and social space. A selection of sculptures on the same themes completes the exhibition. Parallel to the exhibition, there will be a presentation of political photographs in the broadest sense of the word in the study collection room. Works that express a direct critique of a defined socio-political situation will be contrasted with works that present idealistic and utopian visions.

Gipsoteca Gianluigi Giudici, LUGANO

Letizia Cariello

02.11.2016 - 28.11.2016

The first temporary exhibition that Artrust is mounting in collaboration with the Renato and Gianluigi Giudici Foundation in the spaces of the Gipsoteca Giudici in Lugano is dedicated to the contemporary artist Letizia Cariello. From 2 to 28 November, the exhibition will present to the public a synthesis of Cariello’s work, with some of the most significant pieces of his production including sculptures, photographs, tapestries and his famous “calendars”. Different media with which Cariello investigates the themes of the body, time and its relationship with objects.

Showroom Antonini, Palazzo Borromeo, MILANO​

Letizia Cariello

05.04.2016 - 09.04.2016 [MiArt 2016]

“Carillon – opera for strings” by Letizia Cariello, is a wall installation with sound made using some accidental musical instruments. Through their transformation into a work of art, the instruments acquire a new voice, continue to speak and invite us to reflect, as the artist herself writes, “on the concept of value and that of responsibility”.

The work will be on public view for the first time on Tuesday 5 April 2016, in the exclusive setting of Palazzo Borromeo, during the week in which Milan hosts MiART, the city’s most important contemporary art event. The initiative is part of LCA Studio Legale’s “LAW IS ART!” project and is the result of a valuable collaboration between Letizia Cariello, Galleria Minini of Brescia, AXA ART Italia and LCA Studio Legale.

Artrust, MELANO

Valerio Adami, Wilhelm André, Rainer Bonk, Paul Camenisch, Yvonne Canu, Letizia Cariello, Mario Comensoli, François Gall, Hermann Hesse, Charles Le Brun, Carl Walter Liner, René Magritte, Jean Metzinger, Niki De Saint Phalle, Gen Paul, Walter Ropélé, Raymond Savignac, Italo Valenti, Andy Warhol, Marianne Werefkin, Jerry Williams

04.05.2017 - 25.08.2017

“We were inspired by the theme promoted for the year 2016-2017 by the NEL Association – Making art in our time, namely gardens, and decided to inaugurate the summer season with an exhibition that is very “spring-like” in its atmosphere, but also significant from a historical-artistic point of view. In fact, you can admire works and masterpieces of very different genres and media: paintings, tapestries, lithographs, photographs, sculptures, ranging from Impressionism to Pop Art”.

Patrizia Cattaneo, Director of Artrust

W. Women
W. Women in Italian Design - Triennale Design Museum ninth edition

Triennale Milano, MILANO


02.04.2016 - 19.02.2017

The ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico and with installation design by Margherita Palli, looks at Italian design in the light of one of the most delicate, problematic, but also most stimulating and suggestive issues: the question of gender. The idea that gender is no longer just a biological and natural fact, but a cultural issue also opens up interesting perspectives for what design after design might become. But in order to deal objectively and in a balanced way with gender issues related to design, it is necessary to first address the great removal of women in the 20th century. The whole of 20th century modernity has marginalised women’s design, almost ignored by design historians and theorists.

Triennale Milano, MILANO

Carla Accardi, Aurelio Amendola, Giovanni Anselmo, Stefano Arienti, Marco Bagnoli, Roger Ballen, Robert Barry, Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Letizia Battaglia, Sandro Becchetti, Vanessa Beecroft, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Alighiero Boetti, Monica Bonvicini, Daniel Buren, Julia Margaret Cameron, Letizia Cariello

18.11.2013 - 02.02.2014

La Triennale di Milano presents: “Forty Years of Contemporary Art. Massimo Minini 1973-2013”, a sweeping exhibition to celebrate forty years of Galleria Minini. The exhibition consists of works that have passed through Galleria Minini, offering an authentic cross-section of contemporary art as told by the lead actor, who adopts a personal point of view, at times ironic and desecrating. Amid countless flashbacks, Massimo Minini pieces together, explains and tells the story of the various moments and passages in his characteristic manner, which has found a particular literary form in Pizzini. These “scraps” have become a successful book with short stories, brilliant ideas and tales about the artists he has met over the years. Massimo Minini and his gallery are an essential part of the recent history of contemporary art, with exhibitions of works by many of the top Italian and international artists of recent decades. The gallery started with Conceptual Art, Arte Povera and Minimal Art, but in the late 1970s and early 1980s came the work of young Italian and foreign artists, including Ettore Spalletti, Jan Fabre, Didier Vermeiren, Bertrand Lavier, Anish Kapoor, Alberto Garutti and Icaro, as well as the figurative experiments of artists such as Salvo, Luigi Ontani, Ger Van Elk, Ryan Mendoza, and Jiri Dokoupil. In the mid-1990s the gallery opened up to a group of young Italian artists including Eva Marisaldi, Stefano Arienti, Maurizio Cattelan, Vanessa Beecroft, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Francesco Simeti and Paolo Chiasera, accompanied by such historic masters as Boetti, Accardi, Fabro, Paolini, LeWitt, Barry, Graham and Buren. In recent years it has put on exhibitions of works by artists such as Luigi Ghirri, Yona Friedman, Roger Ballen, Nedko Solakov, Haim Steinbach, Peter Halley, Ghada Amer, and by young artists such as Dara Friedman, Manfred Pernice, Sean Snyder, Mathieu Mercier, Jan De Cock, Tino Sehgal, David Maljkovic, Paul P., Monica Bonvicini and Haris Epaminonda. The display design of this exhibition reflects the gallerist’s own particular perspective. Historic works are shown alongside site- specific installations, and a section is devoted to the collection of Italian photography, with a series of portraits of Italian artists by great photographers such as Mulas, Giacomelli, Catalano, Gorgoni, Mussat Sartor and Cresci. The exhibition is given a further dimension by material from the gallery’s vast archive, which reveals the most hidden and unusual aspects of the artists encountered over the past forty years. The archive documents will be displayed in a special section. The exhibition will be accompanied by a 453-page book, Quarantanni. 1973-2013, published by a+mbookstore, with drawings, letters, postcards, telegrams, photographs and invitations to the countless exhibitions and adventures that have been invented since 1973.

Galleria Massimo Minini, BRESCIA

Letizia Cariello

02.04.2011 - 21.05.2011

Letizia Cariello’s first solo show at the gallery is presented in three stages that open with
Travel Stick, with which the artist appears symbolically to accompany visitors through her work,
drawing inspiration from the portable installations that pilgrims used to take with them along the Via Francigena,
or the Way of St. James in Compostela. Flanking the way is a polyptych that instantly announces
composed figures that are not re-composable according to customary patterns:
in the inner world things are words that are tinged with memory, and memory is sleep, not dreams.
TThe objects are aligned like words in a three-dimensional sentence,
where the profound part perceives presence through the filter of the eye that observes and recognizes: stone, but not only that. Feather, but not only. Organ door,
but also painting, and so on.
Two small photographs, White bed and Red bed, accompany you to the central room, where the scene of sleep is materially dismantled,
engaging the onlooker’s body in a series of reactions due
to recognition.
A bed is: headboard, mattress, bedspread, silent time. We find headboards flying on the wall and hanging on shiny steel knives,
a mattress on the ground with red-rope hair growing out of it, a body depicted on a bedspread-tapestry arranged vertically,
while a numberless clock sings the days
of the week with the voices of 63 little girls from around the world.
Last comes an island of blocks with feathers, leaves, spoons, ropes
and items of clothing laid out on them. All around, miscellaneous objects and photographs attempt to represent themselves and the self. They say what they do
but they refer to another horizon.
The artist’s creations “normally come about as the result of an occasional distraction or surprise
at common objects that arouse the desire to play with them and transform them. Letizia takes pleasure in picking things up,
taking them to pieces and putting them back together again.
She puts items close to each other and alters their positions. She glues or sews them, ties them together or hangs them up, all in a fraction of a second, first at sight then by hand. Rather like what happens with
thoughts, fantasies and dreams.” (from Sul lavoro di Letizia Cariello by Silvano Fausti, Milan, 2010).

Hallenbad Project
Hallenbad Project

Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, PRATO

Letizia Cariello

02.11.2003 - 07.12.2003

Three sections from Cariello’s latest artistic experience are housed in the museum’s Project Room: the video installation, taken from Hallenbad Project, and the sound installation with the nine portraits entitled HB Portraits are the result of work focusing on the sense of total isolation that immersion can give.

The work engages the viewer by placing him in front of images of ambiguous fascination, suspended between the description of an event and the occurrence of an inexplicable non-sense. The blue-blue colour typical of the bottom of the pools completely floods the visitor, who has no choice but to get involved and perceive his or her own body in this imposed space. The artist speaks of mental necessity when he says No matter where I am, I swim. The project is curated by Stefano Pezzato