Book of Silence

At Viboldone, the Benedictine nuns practice daily the Rule of the Holy Founder which prescribes silent work, punctuated by prayer and meditation, anchored in fidelity to a promise, that each of the sisters embraces and confirms an inner dimension one might say second by second (something very close to how I understand my practice of art).

Thus, wanting to build and reconstruct a Book of Silence (12 unique pieces and 1 author’s proof – published by Gitti and Bertelli publishers), the most coherent place where the sheets could be assembled is a place where silence is practised and lived, so that this dimension could be truly breathed absorbed and preserved in the material presence of each object-book. Only one rule has guided the work and that is the obligation to be slow. Or perhaps it would be better to say Suitable Time. As could be said of silence, which in a way can be called a suitable time. To observation, to listening – including to oneself -, to the gestation of a thought.