“La caduta ovvero Cadere in alto”. The 9th edition of the Cramum Prize dedicated to Rocco M.

Cramum announces the opening of the call for entries for the ninth edition of the Cramum Prize for Young Artists, to be held in Milan from 10 to 17 September 2022.

The 9th edition of the Cramum Prize is dedicated to Rocco M. who fell from a height on 25 July 2021.

The Director of the Prize, Sabino Maria Frassà, presented this edition, recalling that: “In recent years, the ground on which we have been walking, the certainties and points of reference, have seemed to disappear. Art can only reflect on this theme and therefore the new edition of the Cramum Prize will be dedicated to a critical reinterpretation of Albert Camus’ novel “The Fall”. What does it mean to fall? What if we could fall upwards?”.

The call for entries closes on 13 April and will give 10 young finalist artists (under 40) the opportunity not only to take part in the Award, but also to have their work exhibited alongside 10 internationally renowned artists. This year the 10 artists invited out of competition are: Letizia Cariello, Stefano Cescon (winner of the previous edition’s Cramum prize), Park Eun Sun (Korea), Franco Fontana, Franco Guerzoni, Peggy Kliafa (Greece), H.H. Lim (China), Franco Mazzucchelli, Fulvio Morella and Luca Pignatelli.

The jury that will judge the finalists is made up of well-known journalists, collectors, gallery owners and experts in the sector, as well as friends and supporters of Cramum: Marzia Apice, Valentina Ardia, Elsa Barbieri, Loredana Barillaro, Giorgia Basili, Giulia Biafore, Ettore Buganza, Cristiana Campanini, Valeria Cerabolini, Jacqueline Ceresoli, Carolina Conforti, Stefano Contini, Camilla Delpero, Riccardo Fausone, Chiara Ferella Falda, Raffaella Ferrari, Antonio Frassà, Maria Fratelli, Rosella Ghezzi, Pier Luigi Gibelli, Luca Gibello, Luca Gracis, Riccarda Grasselli Contini, Alice Ioffrida, Maddalena Labricciosa, Angela Madesani, Achille Mauri, Marco Miglio, Fabio Muggia, Annapaola Negri-Clementi, Antonella Palladino, Arianna Panarella, Rischa Paterlini, Ilenia and Bruno Paneghini, Federico Pazzagli, Fulvia Ramogida, Iolanda Ratti, Francois-Laurent Renet, Giulia Ronchi, Elisabetta Roncati, Alessandro Scarano, Massimiliano Tonelli, Francesca Tribò, Patrizia Varone, Nicla Vassallo, Giorgio Zanchetti, Emanuela Zanon.
Cramum would like to thank all the jury members for their generosity and dedication, pointing out that none of them receive any remuneration and that some of them have been following the award with dedication and professionalism since the beginning.

The ninth edition of the Cramum Prize is made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Confucius Institute of the University of Milan and the support of the artist Fulvio Morella, who will donate the proceeds of all 50 FIAT LUX multiples (in chocolate and braille created together with the maître chocolatier Guido Castagna) to Cramum. For more information write to infocramum@gmail.com.

Cramum is a non-profit project that supports artistic excellence in Italy and abroad. The main project of cramum since 2013 is the Premio cramum, created to be a talent-program for the best young artists in Italy. Each year, the prize showcases ten internationally renowned artists, intellectuals, curators, collectors and journalists alongside the young artist finalists. Cramum was awarded the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic in 2015.
Over the years, the Prize has been won by: Daniele Salvalai (2013), Paolo Peroni (2014), Francesca Piovesan (2015), Matteo Fato (2016), Giulia Manfredi (2017), Andreas Senoner (2018), Ludovico Bomben (2019), Stefano Cescon (2021).