Cuore di Bue for Museo Diffuso Contemporaneo

Museo Diffuso Contemporaneo is an unprecedented project in the Langhe region, aimed at linking cuisine and contemporary art. A map of the territory marked by colors, flavors and exclusive collaborations between chefs and artists of the area, conceived and organized in collaboration with the Castle of Perno and the collective The Musketeers, with the support of Reale Mutua.

For the entire duration of the International White Truffle of Alba Fair, from October 9 to December 5, each restaurant will host a curated selection of the artist’s works in its dining rooms.

The pairs of artists and chefs selected include Chef Enrico Marmo, of Osteria Arborina, in La Morra, with Letizia Cariello, Chef Pasquale Laera of Borgo Sant’Anna, in Monforte d’Alba, with Namsal Siedlecki, Chef Ugo Alciati of Guido Ristorante, at Villa Contessa Rosa, in Serralunga d’Alba, with Monia Ben Hamouda, Chef Luca Zecchin of Guido da Costigliole, at Relais San Maurizio, in Santo Stefano Belbo, with Fabiano Di Cocco, Chef Davide Palluda of All’Enoteca di Canale, with Michela Nosiglia and Chef Gabriele Boffa of Locanda del Santo Uffizio, in Cioccaro di Penango, with Patrick Tuttofuoco.

On November 18, Osteria Arborina will host a special in-person event, during which Letizia Cariello and Chef Enrico Marmo will unveil Cuore di Bue, allowing the public to participate in the creative processes, collaboration and exchange matured during the weeks of preparation.

Letizia Cariello, has created dishes designed to reveal themselves only at the moment when the food, a perishable work of art by nature, is consumed.

“It is a porcelain service, white, on which I have had some of my drawings silkscreened: flies; spiders; hair; the graphic outline of a long Tenia rolled up and gracefully adjusted on the bottom of the plate. The plates must arrive at the table complete with food and, thanks to the performative contribution of the diners who consume the contents, discover – to the provocative surprise of the same, in turn part of the script of the work – the enigmatic presences at the bottom of the porcelain. A cross between ‘memento mori’ and mocking scribbles, drawn in such a way as to be covered by the food that completes the course.”