Monologues on the phone: the Artribune podcast by Donatella Giordano

Artribune’s podcast service is launched with two new columns, a new space for talking about art and culture, entirely dedicated to listening.

The first one, Monologues on the phone, by Donatella Giordano, starts with three contemporary Italian artists (Sissi, Pietro Ruffo and Andrea Mastrovito) and will continue with other authors, reached by phone call.”Hello… I’ve been waiting for you,’ some people reply, and then start a monologue that goes beyond any planning. “The artist talks to a hypothetical listener about the most intimate aspects of his research. A system that goes beyond the classic interview concept in favour of a free approach, where the artist simulates a conversation and the user becomes the interlocutor. The classic sound of waiting for an answer that anticipates every monologue causes a further reversal, feeding an illusion“explains the author.

In the monologue with Letizia Cariello, the artist recognises as facts certain personal dimensions that have always characterised his identity: time, for example, enters into relation with an inner dialogue, outlining a path towards the mind and soul. A relationship that the artist has always sought. Recalling for a moment some of the works created a few years ago, she identify an intuition that today seems like a revelation. Io, Caterina, for example, was a housing unit for domestic isolation inspired by the story of Catherine of Siena, exhibited in 2001 at the Centro Arte Contemporanea Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena. Or the installation at Viafarini entitled Don’t breathe, Breathe, a rhythm that sounds like an aut aut aut: stay on the edge without diving into your fears or go deep into your experiences. The artist therefore invites the listener to cultivate, in this state, a condition of ‘deity’, the only one capable of revealing our essence as ‘truly, simply special beings in anything, in any way‘.

The fashion world and its problems in these days of health emergencies is the subject of the Fashion in the time of the COVID-19 column by Aldo Premoli.

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