Special opening of the exhibition FUSO ORARIO in the presence of Letizia Cariello

Galleria Studio G7 hosts Fuso Orario, a solo exhibition by Letizia Cariello curated by Leonardo Regano.

Fuso Orario is an investigation into the subtle boundary between inner and outer space, between what binds the physical body and the spiritual body, succeeding in highlighting an occult anatomy of being that results in perceptive potential, a research inspired by the principles of Spiritual Geometry, by theosophical and neo-Platonic theories.

Seven Volumes make up the large wall installation; arranged according to a star pattern that traces a map of the sky that witnesses the moment of encounter between Jupiter and Saturn, the Volumes ideally represent the interaction between the seven different subtle planes of human nature, explored here according to the individual colours that make their luminous radiation manifest. A marble is placed on each Volume according to the gradation of tone of the polyhedron itself; the calendar engraved on the marble surface links the perception of earth time, in its different time zones, to both an archaic ego time and the ethereal world. The concept of time, understood as control over existence, is annihilated in the confrontation with the unconscious and the uncertainty of a spiritual world that can only be perceived. The installation is reflected in the site-specific work Sistema Sottile (Subtle System), a wall embroidery that for the first time the artist has created with threads of different colours, bound together to construct a geometric figure that takes up the pattern of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.


curated by Leonardo Regano
special opening on Friday 7 May
10 a.m. – 7.30 p.m.
in the presence of the artist
Galleria Studio G7, Bologna