The first personal exhibition in Venice at the M9 – Museo del ‘900

Letizia Cariello’s (Letia) first solo exhibition in Venice, organised by M9 – Museo del ‘900 in collaboration with the Studio G7 gallery in Bologna, as part of ArtVerona’s Level 0 initiatives, will be open to the public from 17 September to 25 November.

With this site-specific installation, curated by Luca Molinari and Leonardo Regano, Letia places her Calendari, polychrome engraved marble discs, on top of solid structures. In the sequence of numbers and letters on them, the sense of a personal meditation on time and its passing is revealed.

The hardest of materials accommodates in its firmness the trace of a concept that is elusive by its very definition. What we find sculpted on the marble, however, is the time that Bergson indicates of consciousness, a subjective time, made up of a continuous and non-decomposable flow of events, as opposed to the rigour of scientific measurement.

It is the time of the ego, which accommodates in its flow the concession to error, to reconsideration, to missed intention. Its flow is neither linear nor circular. It is a tumultuous coming and going that relates to the rhythm of one’s own intimacy. It is an individual Time Zone that marks the difference between our existences. Cariello sets himself a goal, a date in the future, and achieves it by recounting his inner journey in that alphanumeric code that we see engraved on the marble.

The artist and curators will be present at the opening and finissage

M9 – MUSEO DEL ‘900
Via Giovanni Pascoli 11 – Venezia Mestre
from 17 September to 25 November 2022
The artist and curators will be present at the opening and finissage