VSA Video Sound Art – The life of things and the invisible qualities of objects

After the Civic Museum of Natural History and the Hoepli Planetarium, Video Sound Art, a contemporary art festival since 2011, presents its twelfth edition with a programme of installations, videos, performances and screenings at the Teatro Carcano.

The exhibition route winds its way through the spaces of the historic Milanese theatre that, from the basement to the gallery, for seven days opens its doors to the voices of contemporary art, ranging from video works to publishing. The theme is the life of things. How do objects speak? How do they function outside their context?

Based on the reflections of the artists in the exhibition and in collaboration with the Dutch publishing project MacGuffin, the festival focuses on the unexplored possibilities that each object holds in relation to history, identity and social relations, trying to unravel political and social conditioning, the invisible qualities of matter.

Letizia Cariello (LETIA), Con te, 2021, video, 6′

In the High Foyer Letizia Cariello (Letia) presents a complex installation consisting of the video work Con te, a sculptural element and an intervention in green paint.

Con te is a sequence of 21 videos shot by the artist in the Piedmont countryside. . The installation forces the viewer to raise his or her head, turning into a tunnel. The disorientation is not an expedient to produce discomfort, but a system so that the upright body of the observer loses its mental awareness in order to access another type of gravity and experience of the body through the interior without walls. The light sound of the wind moving the green wheat reaches the visitor who swims ideally. L’ombra mia mi ha fatto paura is the title of the fabric sculpture with a calendar inscribed on it. A symbol of instability – a kind of refuge – the tent belongs to nomadic culture. Letizia Cariello’s research is aimed at reconstructing connections and relationships between matter and space. From trees to teapots, from cups to photographs, her sign crosses everyday objects to materialise time in a perceptible form.

VSA Video Sound Art – XII edition

The life of things
and the invisible qualities of objects

22 – 28 September 2022

Opening hours: from h 19:00 to h 24:00*
*Saturday 24 September from h 19:00 to h 1:00.
Opening: Thursday 22 September, h 19:00
Venue: Teatro Carcano
Corso di Porta Romana, 63, MM3 Crocetta, Milan