Music of the celestial spheres in Cascina I.D.E.A.

Independent Domus Exhibiting Art, is an artists’ residency created by Nicoletta Rusconi Art Projects based in Cascina Maria in Agrate Conturbia.

The guesthouse space is dedicated to hosting two artists throughout the year. The summer residency, held between July and September, is dedicated to an Italian artist, while the spring residency, from March to April, is reserved for an international artist. I.D.E.A. is also a residency that promotes cultural exchanges with artists from other important international residencies.

From August 1st, visitors to Cascina I.D.E.A. can admire the exterior of the structure, characterised by the interventions by Letizia Cariello and Giulia D’Olio, capable of restoring not only the multifaceted nature of the intentions but also the sense of “forge” of the place, creating an osmotic relationship between container and content.

Music of the Celestial Spheres, a site-specific work by Letizia Cariello for Cascina I.D.E.A., is based on the act of looking and knowing how to identify the design inherent in things: her pictorial interventions on the external and internal walls of the farmhouse highlight the fields of strength of the architecture and its volumes.
And then there is music, understood as a way of thinking and as a thread behind those lines of force, as an inner vision that lies both inside and outside each of us.
Music is geometry. Geometry is music. Geometry as dynamic design and therefore as music.

According to Marco Tagliafierro, curator of the site-specific work, “when Letizia Cariello looked at Cascina I.D.E.A. she saw the perfect interlocking of forms in a treble clef made of two colours: blue and red. She listened to these walls as one does with a stethoscope to ponder their deepest material qualities, but above all to assess the human experiences that these walls exude, going à rebours through the stories of those who have lived there. She has reconsidered joys and sorrows through a chromatic rhythm that ultimately makes architecture itself a liquid flow.“.