Sustainable talks. Talking to those who believe in the green transition

Spreading the culture of sustainability to create a cultural process of awareness and sensitisation. It is in the framework of the Festival Il Verde e il Blu at the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan that the book “Sustainable talks. Talking to those who believe in the green transition“promoted by GSE, Gestore Servizi Energetici, and published by Marsilio Editori.

A cultural operation created to recount the commitment to which humanity as a whole is called to initiate the urgent transition towards sustainability through the testimony of personalities from the world of culture, art, business, science, economics and civil society. A vision that is as multi-disciplinary as possible with time as a common thread. The time we lost. The time left to act.

This common thread is also represented through the iconography chosen to illustrate the volume, thanks to the work of artist Letizia Cariello. The time recounted in The Book of Silence (Gitti and Bertelli Editori, courtesy of Galleria Studio G7, Bologna) is the time of observation, of listening – even to oneself – and of the gestation of a thought. Fragments of the author’s proof of the work appear between the pages of the volume, chosen for their evocative power, to inspire a philosophical reflection on the theme of sustainability and the future of the planet, and to underline that the testimonies collected are the fruit of reflections matured over time, both interior and exterior. The crucial element is time, the time for choices, the time we have left to change course and move decisively towards a world that is more sustainable, fairer, more respectful of nature and man. Above all, a safer world that does not endanger the very survival of humanity.

The book also includes the work Calendar Michele, which is a sheet on which a concentric calendar has been embroidered, with feather insertions, mounted on a round frame. A conceptual synthesis of the reflection on time as circular time.

Talks by: Donatella Bianchi, Michaela Castelli, Lucio Cavazzoni, Diego Ciulli, Max Czekalski, Domenico De Masi, Fabrizio Di Amato, Roberta Di Mario, Luciano Floridi, Giovanni Floris, Alessandra Paola Ghisleri, Marco Gualtieri, Massimo Inguscio, Natalino Irti, Isolde Kostner, Davide Livermore, Laura Luchetti, Grammenos Mastrojeni, Luca Mercalli, Giovanni Nistri, Sergio Orlandi, Massimiliano Ossini, Gianluca

Colloqui sostenibili will be premiered on Sunday 27 September at 11.00 am as part of the Il Verde e il Blu Festival at the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan. With Francesco Vetrò, President of GSE, speakers include Luciano Floridi, Maria Serena Porcari, Letizia Cariello and Davide Livermore. Massimiliano Ossini moderates.

Registration open from 9 September at www.verdeblufestival.it

GSE, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, is an Italian joint-stock company, fully controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which plays a central role in the promotion and development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in Italy. Its mission is sustainable development, pursuing and achieving environmental sustainability objectives through the pillars of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Colloqui sostenibiliwas created as part of GSE’s projects aimed at spreading the culture of sustainability, to create a cultural process of awareness and sensitisation.

Il Verde e il Blu Festivalis promoted by Beulcke+Partners in partnership with BAM Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano.